(Channa micropeltes) A.K.A – Red snakehead, Giant snakehead, Malabar snakehead

Max Size 5 feet?
Weight 20kg
Origin Asia
Temp 75-81F
Feeding Carnivorous
PH Neutral
Minimum tank size 90 Gallons
Disposition Cranky

After someone released several snakeheads into a Crofton Maryland pond, I decided to create this website, in hopes of dispelling many of the misconceptions that are held about the Northern Snakehead Fish.

I own Spike, a Red Snakehead, which is a particularly aggressive fish. He is currently almost two feet long and should grow to over to about 3 feet. I guess he’s about three and a half years old now, and I’ve been told he should live until he’s 12. He eats about 25 large goldfish a week, and doesn’t get along with any other fish. The only fish I’ve had success in keeping with Spike is a foot long pleco named Bluto. He lives in a 90 gallon tank.

The media has dubbed this fish “Frankenfish”, a name that is not entirely deserved. Although snakeheads do eat just about anything in the aquarium with them, they cannot walk on land! They simply flop around like any other fish that is in land. Snakeheads have a simple lung instead of gills, and can therefore live out of water for about 3 days, provided they are kept very wet, as they can dry out in about 30 minutes if the weather is warm enough.